WTS - Susanna Iraci & Katy GormanKaty Gorman and Susanna Iraci of  Quid Novi Consulting  are the bloggers behind the English language travel blog guide, Welcome to Sulmona.  It provides an up-to-the minute, visually rich guide of what to see and do, where to stay and more whilst in Sulmona, Abruzzo’s prettiest city and the Valle Peligna which sits between two of Abruzzo’s region’s national parks in the south.

Almost all local Sulmonesi organisations and events have a dedicated Facebook page so the girls primarily started translating  this information into English and republishing this information on  their own Facebook page. Slowly but surely their readership grew, so they created the blog which continues to attract lots of attention from all over the world.

Join their community to find out exceptional places to eat, groovy places to drink and stylish places to shop in Sulmona that appeals to both those on a short break or longer holiday in Valle Peligna.

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