Mixing Oil and WaterFrankie and Giuseppe are the Anglo-Italian couple behind the blog Terra Adopt, which is a celebration of Italian culture, history and landscapes. On the same site, they also offer the chance to adopt an olive tree in Molise, Abruzzo’s neighbouring region. Terra Adopt was set up to raise awareness of the plight of Italian olive farmers in the age of multi-national olive oil conglomerates that are squeezing small farmers out of the market

Terra Adopt is written from Rome in their spare time after exploring vast & varied countryside, fascinating cities and historic towns & villages where ancient traditions still hold strong and time seems to have stood still.

Frankie’s role for the blog includes writing the articles, sampling local vintages and charming the locals with her ‘foreignness’ to elicit fresh blog material…all this while also holding camera equipment. Giuseppe’s role on behalf of Mixing Oil and Water is taking the photos, researching the ‘historical bits’, warding off Abruzzo’s fearsome sheepdogs and being in charge of snacks.

Join their community and explore with them invisible Italy in Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia, read their full ABC profile here.