Francis Cratil

ABC are happy to welcome our eleventh blogger, Francis Cratil Cretarola whose roots are officially in Castiglione Messer Raimondo but whose heart is in all of Abruzzo.  He is an American restaurateur devoted to providing authentic Abruzzese cuisine at his restaurant Le Virtu and the newly launched Southern Italian Brigantessa in Philadelphia.

Spending time bi-annually in Abruzzo for almost 2 decades with local farmers, musicians, historians, cheese and wine producers, poets and neighbours, has given him a perspective and voice uncensored and fresh. His extensive travel in the region, his vocation to bring an authentic Abruzzese cuisine and culture to South Philadelphia, and his inquisitive mind which questions most documented history promises to make your reading experiences worthwhile.

Read his full ABC Profile here and read and subscribe to his blog, ‘Merigan.