Lucy Vallera LuhanLucy Vallera Luhan is an aspiring writer and blogger and the Abruzzo Blogger Community will be publishing her articles on the food, traditions and ancestry about Abruzzo.

She is a second generation Italian American born in Connecticut, raised in an Italian household where her parents, immigrants from Pratola Peligna, Aquila, maintained the tradition and culture of their native land.

Her upbringing and passion for food as well as table life, (convivio) led her to 35 years as a restaurateur with three restaurants in Southern California, and manager of a B&B and cooking school in Tuscany.  She recently bought a house in Introdacqua where she will spend part of her retirement in a couple of years’ time.

Lucy won our Abruzzo Foodie Trail Competition with her post – La Panarda – The Longest Meal in the World

You can read her full ABC profile here.