Helen FreeHelen Free has joined ABC with her personal blog Hang On To The Vine which focuses primarily on the province of L’Aquila. She was a self described ancestral pilgrim, but now explores the region beyond her grandfather’s village, Mascioni, which rises from the shore of Lago Campotosto. Her annual visits and many relationships among locals have strengthened her conviction that Abruzzo is a fantastic untapped tourist destination.

A bit perturbed that Abruzzo seemed neglected by commercial travel writers but appreciated by artists, filmmakers and social historians, Helen joined forces with Sammy Dunham, Abruzzo’s most popular blogger, to share the region’s treasures via the blogging medium. They created the 3 day Let’s Blog Abruzzo workshop in 2013.

The American Food Roots online magazine published her article inspired by a cooking class she took in Vasto.