domenica marchetti

Domenica Marchetti, cookbook author, food writer and former journalist behind the famous Italian home cooking adventure blog, ‘Domenica Cooks’ has just become ABC’s latest member.

Her 5 Italian cookbooks have all been incredibly well received by both press and members of the general public, the most recent being The Glorious Vegetables of Italy. You’ll find her recipes and articles on Italian home cooking in the Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post and online at Leite’s Culinaria. She is also the co-founder of American Food Roots, an online publication that tells America’s food stories and explores why we eat what we eat.

Domenica writes from Virginia and has been  taking annual family holidays to Abruzzo since she was a child when they were led by her Mother who is from Chieti. She feels that it is important for her to shine a light on this magical region, its people, its culture and its diverse cuisine. Her suggestion when getting off the beaten path which is quite simple in Abruzzo, is to always talk to locals. The Abruzzesi are fiercely proud of their region and all it has to offer and are happy to share their insights with you.  She will be leading her first 8-day culinary tour of Abruzzo in September 2014.

Join her community and share in her inspired Italian home cooking adventures, and read her full ABC profile with links to her latest posts.