Cathy BranciaroliCathy Branciaroli is the blogger behind Delaware Girl Eats, and ABC’s latest great member.  She moved from corporate marketing into food writing and has been published by Meredith Publications and Food 52.

Cathy is deeply rooted in Abruzzo and tied to the traditions passed on by her grandfather Giralomo and grandmother Amalia who emigrated to the US from Giulianova in the Teramo Province.  We love her recent wonderful  post on American Food Roots featuring Girolamo: “Grandfather’s Italian Pepper Seeds Take Root in America”.

She frequently writes about her family’s Italian food traditions and how her grandmother adapted the dishes of Abruzzo to the ingredients available in the Ohio Valley where her grandparents settled after leaving Abruzzo.  Her blog celebrates the First State’s rich culture with an emphasis on local foods, farms and artisans.

Join her community and share in her inspired Italian home cooking adventures, her full ABC profile is coming soon