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All about Abruzzo food & travel in a cherry-picked fashion | Bocconotti Montoriesi are seductive rustic pastries that celebrate Abruzzo’s most acclaimed harvests around the former Roman small town of Montorio Val Vomano in Teramo.

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Name Sam Dunham
Location St Albans UK, Bascianella (TE) Abruzzo
Bio A passion for Abruzzo and retreat from East London led my partner and I to buy a holiday home in Abruzzo as an alternative fun pension.

I began in 2006 to practice my blogging and photography skills and give something back in an English voice to this little known region of Italy.The blog was recommended by key media like The Daily Mail and august bodies including the American Embassy, receiving an average of 8,000 unique visitors per month. Its popularity led me to become an Abruzzo resource for The Guardian’s Travel Editor, who invited me to sit on their virtual panel for ‘Italy Q&A 2013‘. Despite being inactive from July 2013– November 2015 the blog’s social media platforms continue to grow, with some 3,350 fb Fans and 3,099 Twitter followers.

Over the last decade I’ve worked as a freelance content manager and copywriter, the last 3 years juggling this with learning to be a fab & fun Mum & co-founding, blogAway, Let’s Blog Abruzzo and ABC. Great blogging takes time, something my precarious juggling act doesn’t always afford, but when I do have the luxury, I try to post on Mid Life, a travel blog about family adventures. I was the recent winner of the Salviamo l’Orso’s Abruzzo Blog Award for my post on Abruzzo’s stray dogs, Italian Charm Masters ‘Cani di Quartiere’ dogs

Blog LifeinAbruzzo|MidLifeMum
Genres Travel, Lifestyle, Family
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Photo Log © 2014 Samantha Dunham

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