Abruzzo Blogger Community

Receive the ultimate recognition for your blog or posts that celebrate Abruzzo through our  blog awards.  Our mission is to find, share and reward the best bloggers who celebrate Italy’s best kept secret through our  annual blog awards.



The Perfect Winning Post

The expression, you know it when you read it, generalises what makes a post memorable  but provides the  backbone to  the criteria of our Abruzzo blog awards. Judges, like readers, want to be engaged and satisfied by their reading experience. Some posts inspire, some make us laugh, some are a call to action or reflection, some share a memory or day trip, or inform readers about a cultural tradition or recipe.

For example, many of us have cooked our lunch on a trabocco and posted about  the experience. It has been each blogger’s unique approach, the angle of the story and the choice of photos that makes each fun and educational to read.

Whatever the genre or purpose, the best articles, essays and interviews demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of topic
  • Passion or interest in topic
  • Creativity (it’s a crowded field out there)
  • Quality of information
  • Sound writing technique
  • Quality in images

Blog Award Contest Eligibility

  • The seasonal awards if promoting a local charity are open to ALL bloggers.  Each submitted entry will be linked via the ABC site through a link party displaying a teaser that will direct visitors to read your post in full on your own blog or website.
  • The annual blogger awards are open to ALL bloggers who submit a post for consideration in one of these categories: food and wine, travel, lifestyle, culture, ancestry and environment.  An announcement will be made in June 2015 inviting nominations
  • While many of us write short, catchy, effective How-to and To-do posts or create wonderful photo essays or infographics on our blogs, we suggest that if you wish to enter the competition, you write a post of at least 250 words in the style of an article, review or interview.
  • Podcasts and video will be accepted, ideally with accompanying copy to highlight key points.
  • It is understood that all posts submitted to the contests relate to Abruzzo. If you have been accepted to join the Abruzzo Blogger Community, you already have many stories and good advice to share. If you own a b&b, write about your visitors and their reaction to our region. Musings of a tour operator could be very entertaining. Trust your eyes and ears and write in your own voice. New to blogging? We will be happy to help you with ideas for your posts.