mending-netsWe like blogs, especially blogs about Abruzzo. They allow passionate people to share their local knowledge and experiences.

The Abruzzo Blogger Community strives to provide a fabulous one stop Abruzzo site for readers seeking info on travel, cooking, accommodation, tours – all the insightful things we share about Abruzzo. And for the sheer fun of it, we believe in motivating and  rewarding ourselves  with  our new blog awards where the community can win sponsored prizes and trips as well as give a voice to local charities.

Why do we blog  and often put hours and hours into unpaid work? Is it the occasional comment from a reader that makes it all worthwhile? Is it the personal satisfaction that comes from encouraging and guiding travelers to visit the region we all believe is surprisingly undervalued by journalists and even travel boards?  Do read some of the reasons behind why our members write about Abruzzo.

ABC was founded by Helen Free & Sam Dunham who met through the blogging world, shared ideas to create Let’s Blog Abruzzo.

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